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We know the ever-evolving technology industry can be hard to navigate. That’s why we do the legwork for you. Let our team of experts guide you through the noise to find the right solutions for your business. We will be your advisor and advocate to identify, negotiate, and procure the best solutions for your business. We want to be part of your team, not your payroll. Your success is our success!

Your IT Experts

Business Growth Realized


It finally happened; a wide area network that can leverage public Internet without compromising on quality of service. Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) supports real-time communications between multiple locations leveraging your existing network or a more cost effective Internet connection. That gives you incredible flexibility and scalability while keeping your budget in check. With hundreds of SD-WAN deployments under our belt, you can rely on our expertise to help you put SD-WAN to work for you.

Communications: UCaaS & CCaaS

Enterprises are replacing traditional PBXs with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) at an incredible pace. The flexibility, scalability, and powerful business-enabling features of UCaaS make it a platform for enterprise growth. With thousands of seats deployed each year and deep experience with market-leading UCaaS providers, we’re the best partner to help you through your next migration or PBX replacement project.


The Internet of Things – also referred to as IoT, is a network of interconnected devices capable of collecting and exchanging data. This model boasts interconnected devices designed to sense, collect, and send data to a repository over the internet, and can in turn be accessed by other internet capable devices. The evolution and convergence of IoT technology typically eliminate the need for repetitive tasks via automation without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Cyber Security

By now, you know that, thanks to a zero percent unemployment rate, high-profile incidents in the news, and an ever-changing threat landscape, Security is more critical now than ever. With demand on the rise and accelerating quickly, and too-few qualified resources available in the market, now is the time to find a Security partner that is positioned to guide you on the full breadth of Security concerns and solutions. We work with the leading Security firms to give you a blanket of protection and act as your virtual CISO.

Cloud Computing

With that kind of movement in the market, how are you supposed to keep up with who is leading the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market? Compute power is available on demand, at the fingertips of line of business users, and application development and hosting needs are surging. Enterprises are grappling with keeping control of the IaaS/Cloud environment. We were born in the cloud and know the changing cloud players intimately, which we can put to work for you for your next cloud project.

5G Edge APIs

EdgeNet is for any enterprise that need 5G Edge to manage their network and applications at the Edge. Similarly, it is also for any developer who wants to build out new applications with APIs at the network and application level.

With EdgeNet, everything is an API to integrate into your applications and networks making everything easily programmed for the Edge – it brings cloud native functionality to the Edge.

Wireless & Mobility

The next-generation wireless technologies are built to support more secure, faster, lower latency wireless networks from traditional cell phone networks to wireless data networks to Fixed Wireless providers. These technologies will vastly change the face of networking. Because many of these technologies do not require physical cables to connect, this enables rapid expansion of network connectivity without much of the costs of physically running wiring.

Remote Worker Enablement

Work at home declarations from the CDC and other government agencies may become the new normal. Not only could it become a temporary law, but it's also the best way to protect your employees from exposure to the novel virus. So how can you as a business owner prepare to transition your workforce into a work-at-home team that still performs at a high level? We've created a step-by-step process to help you prepare.

" When preparing to make any type of change in your technology, I strongly recommend that you let Strategic Partnered Services assist you in the process. You will save time, money, frustration, and be more than happy with the results and get back to what you do best, business. "

Eric Long, COO

Allen Keith Construction

At Your Service

As your business needs grow, so does your need for help and guidance. You have new concerns and needs, the same ones your competitors have. In many instances, the need is real, but the budget is not there for the staff it would take to fill it. Our talented staff can assist or take on an entire project off your plate. Inquire today about the services available for you!

Vendor Selection & Consulting

Outsourcing can provide significant value to an organization in terms of cost savings, speed to market, service improvement and access to innovation. But it also comes with significant risk if an organization outsources the wrong scope, chooses the wrong provider, negotiates a bad contract or fails to properly manage the services from the outsource partner. SPS's team can identify and engage the optimal providers for your needs and negotiate best practice terms at fair market prices.


If you you've got more to do than add or change a technology, or change a provider, it might make sense to bring in a virtual CIO, or a fractional CIO to help you overcome the hurddles you face, without taking on the expense of a full time CIO. SPS can provide that resource, a tremendous value, with one of our tenured experts with experience specific to your industry and technologies.

Business Intelligence

We can help your company become more data-driven and modern, by bringing your data to life and helping you use it to your advantage. In real-time. From anywhere. We specialize in Power BI reporting and business intelligence development, with a focus on leveraging the CCH Axcess™ platform, but can help with ANY data!

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Our Six Step Process

With years of helping clients solve their toughest challenges, SPS has fine-tuned a powerful process to help get projects completed on time and on budget. Here's how we do it:

Step 1 - Get to know your business

Businesses have diverse and specific needs and require carefully curated and architected solutions. We build long- term partnerships with our clients by gaining a thorough understanding of your business operations and goals, contract requirements, short-term objectives and long-term projections.

Step 2 - Understand your desired outcomes

Understanding where you want to go and where you are starting is crucial to achieving success with any project. Through collaborative engagement, we’ll gain a detailed understanding of your current state, the challenges you want to overcome and the goals you wish to achieve. We leverage our experience with other clients in similar situations to help you recognize the possible hurdles as well as opportunities you may be overlooking. We document your objectives and make them the cornerstone of our engagement moving forward.

Step 3 - Create a blueprint for success

Our Solution Architects are at the heart of Bridgepointe’s success. Unlike competitors, our engineers are on-staff, on-location and part of building every client blueprint. Leveraging our continuous investment in product and technology training, our team will quickly identify all the possible solutions to meet your needs. We align these possibilities with our experience on thousands of successful customer engagements to create a personalized roadmap for success.

Step 4 - Engage relevent vendors & suppliers

Our robust portfolio of suppliers and neutrality around them means you have true “freedom of choice”—select from the very best options rather than be forced to use a specific supplier’s one-size-fits-all solution. After we’ve determined the best path forward, we engage suppliers who have a proven track record for delivering. As we zero in, we engage our ex ecutive-level supplier relationships to assist in negotiating to provide the best price and delivery outcomes.

Step 5 - Guide you through results

Once we've narrowed down the suppliers and their offerings, we’ll schedule adequate time with your team to walk through the detailed results from each potential supplier. We’ll clearly point out the crucial differences in product offerings, technology, contract terms, pricing and delivery intervals so you have a clear understanding of the best options to meet your objectives. At this stage, if you have any changes we’ll fine-tune the product offerings to meet your requests.

Step 6 - Assist in supplier selection

We rank suppliers according to your criteria and assist in final selection and engagement. You contract with suppliers directly, but our scope of work in the market puts us in a unique position to make recommendations based on real-world experience. Our broad buying power enables us to help negotiate the most favorable terms to your benefit.


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